Sunday, December 30, 2012

Smart Meters(?) and the DECC roll-out

"[Smart meters will provide consumers with] near real time information on their energy consumption to help them control their energy use, and avoid wasting energy and money. [How?]. Smart meters will also provide consumers with more accurate information and bring an end to estimated billing, helping them to budget better." (According to DECC - the UK "Department for Energy and Climate Change").

While it is remotely possible, assuming that people pay attention to their meters, that these will reduce base-load electricity use, my meter of this sort has had zero effect on my peak consumption. And it cannot possibly do anything to match demand to efficient supply.

Hence, compared to what could be achieved, it seems possible to me that DECCs current rollout (by 2014) is just a pointless gimmick?

I have not been able to find anything much about this, other than some non-committal comment from "Which?".

Is there any reliable discussion of what this 0.7 per cent of GDP will achieve?