Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What should we be 'doing' - to improve things?

What can, and should, an active member of society 'do' - to improve things?

It seems to me there are tech innovations in transport that could make a huge difference (1 million lives and 10 million maimed a year) - and keep all those techies happy churning out widgets. And in human diets (1 million lives per year, for one cost-free change alone).  Improving efficiencies and eliminating waste (and externalities) are also highly desirable.

Otherwise changes in societies values - and 'rowing in the same direction' - would have immense impacts.  

But the world is infested with loons - and/or 'very evil agents' (?) - who provide much entertainment and an immense distraction.  

And, we have an allocation system that makes no measure of virtue - except frugality and productivity - and so is obsessed with, and addicted to, 'growth'.