Friday, September 11, 2015

Eat Every Bit

Thank you for asking for my dietary requirements.

Personally I eat virtually anything.

But our common diet, and the media propaganda, drive staggering waste of food and so of animal lives. Which create much avoidable suffering.

Hence disproportionate cuts of meat, like cheap chicken breasts and unrealistically cheap steaks, see huge amounts of perfectly good food go to waste.

For which animals suffer. That care for their young, and experience joys and pain. Rejecting over half the animal does not respect their being.

Hence my preference is for cuts like chicken thighs, haggis, tendons and stewing meats. As well as cheap burgers and especially sausages.

The respectful spirit of these is far more wholesome and virtuous than the disrespecting blindness of supposedly luxury cuts.

Please pass this on to your chef.