Saturday, December 24, 2011

Commercial Spam from Prompts and Keywords

How much did 'Christies' (the auction house) pay to get top rank in the prompts of my phone?  Did they pay the phone manufacturer HTC, or Microsoft who own the operating system (who also did other downgrades, 8 months before the contract ended)?

'Christ***' pops up, exclusively, and ahead of Christmas, Christ, or Christian.  Also, the phone chooses not to remember that I have never (and probably never will) wish to type 'Christ***'.

Could I offer to pay an extra (one off) $5 to opt out of all such prompts? In a world where consumers need to be informed, and suspicious, it would only be just if we were offered the chance to outbid commercials.  Which, by aiding the rich and powerful rather than the good, actually act against competition, rational choice and good in the world.

One can say the same of Google prompts in search and Chrome/Android/Etc - where strange things like Dubonnet, and American Airlines sometimes intrude suspiciously.

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