Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Great Evils in Society: 1942 and 2017

In 1942 William Beveridge MP was given the responsibility to find out what was needed for Britain to take care of the basic needs of the people and create a set of reforms that would look after the basic needs of the people giving everyone a basic standard of living.

In his report, Beveridge proposed a new system of social security, which would include everyone and provide benefits 'from the cradle to the grave' and tackle what he saw as the 5 Giant Evils of society.

The Five Giants

Beveridge believed that want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness stood in the way of social progress.

GIANT EVILBeveridge in 1942
WANTToo many people were living below the poverty line
IGNORANCEToo many children left school at 14 without any qualifications and went into low paid jobs
SQUALORMany people lived in overcrowded slums and there was a shortage of good houses
DISEASEMany people suffered from poor health because they could not afford medical treatment
IDLENESSUnemployment was very high before the war and caused poverty

To fight these giants a proper system of sickness and unemployment benefit was needed. This would include a proper national health service, family allowance and a full employment policy.

GIANT EVILin 2017 (???)
WASTEObscene levels of consumption (structured into an economy that requires waste to distribute resources equitably)
IGNORANCESocial expectations and advertising are highly unrealistic - low uptake of opportunities - evil agencies
AGEINGNeed for care and financing of the ageing population
DISEASEObesity and sedentary living - drunkeness, tobacco and opiates
IDLENESS (automation)Economy may not provide meaningful jobs for the skills and capacities of all people
POLLUTION and EXTINCTIONSGreenhouse gases, habitat loss and depletion of biodiversity - owing to reliance on inefficiencies and resource intensive infrastructure

To fight these giant evils a proper system of allocation (economy) that rewards all virtues and an ecosystem services policy is needed. This would include a proper set of behavioural signals and incentives. And, coordination of the monetarised sector with ecosystems and with the family sector.

GIANT CHALLENGESConservative Party 2017 Election Manifesto[comment]
1. The need for a strong economy.We need to make the most of our existing strengths, invest in infrastructure and people, and ensure that the whole of our economy across the whole of our country can grow. Without a strong economy, we cannot guarantee our security, our personal prosperity, our public services, or contented and sustainable communities.l.o.c. - meaningless bollocks - ?more is better?
2. Brexit and a changing world.We need to deliver a smooth and orderly departure from the European Union and forge a deep and special partnership with our friends and allies across Europe. As there is increasingly little distinction between domestic and international affairs in matters of migration, national security and the economy, Britain must stay strong and united – and take a lead in the world to defend our interests.l.o.c. - meaningless bollocks
3. Enduring social divisions.For too many people, where you end up in life is still determined by where you were born and to whom. We need to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to make the most of their talents and hard work, whoever you are and wherever you are important challenge
4. An ageing society.We need to respond to the reality of an ageing society, giving people security in old age and caring for those with long-term health conditions, whilst making sure we are fair to younger important challenge
5. Fast-changing technology.For the sake of our economy and our society, we need to harness the power of fast-changing technology, while ensuring that our security and personal privacy – and the welfare of children and younger people – are important challenge

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